Web sites relating to Energy Technologies

There are more web sites than can be tabulated in a single source. These sites provide many links to some other very good resources.

This page hasn't been maintained for quite some time, so beware of broken links. Still, there may be something of use here.

U. S. Department of Energy
This web site is the official propaganda page for the Department of Energy. It provides links to the various offices in the Department such as those responsible for research, policy, and public education. There are links to the various National Laboratories (Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Oak Ridge, etc.) with details about the types of research that they are performing. In addition, there is a link (OpenNet) to the new program which involves declassification of secret experiments that the government performed on people in the past (no mention of current experiments on the population!).

California Energy Commission
This organization is the state's agency that deals with energy policy and planning. This site is slick and has a lot of information on different projects in California. Especially interesting are links to some of the renewable energy resources and alternative vehicles. Also, there is information about the deregulation of the electrical utility industry in California. There are links to providers of "renewable" energy that consumers can choose as their utility company (see http://www.energy.ca.gov/greenpower/providers.html).

California Public Utilities Commission
This is mostly a "nuts and bolts" agency that controls how utility companies can deal with the public -- i.e., rates, complaints, etc. However, there is some information about energy supply and deregulation.

Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project
Public Citizen is a large private "government watch-dog" organization. This web site deals specifically with energy and related issues such as nuclear waster disposal. In addition, it provides a lot of links to other similar organizations and sites that deal with specific topics such as renewable energy, nuclear waste, energy efficiency, and transportation.

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST)
This is a private organization devoted to energy policy and issues. It also deals with some issues of international importance. There are many links to other sites. This is a decidedly "liberal" site.

Energy and the Environment webpage from the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Oregon
This site provides a lot of information about the basics of energy resources and electricity. An excellent site!

Pacific Gas and Electric
This is the corporate (public relations) webpage. It provides information on the company as well as the sources of electricity within its grid. In addition, it provides information on specific plants such as Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and the Geysers Geothermal Power Plant.

Yahoo's Energy Links
This page in the popular Web search engine Yahoo! has a list of energy websites dealing with everything from alternative fuels to fusion power to environmental issues.

Rocky Mountain Institute
Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a nonprofit research and educational foundation whose stated mission is to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security. RMI was established in 1982 by resource analysts Hunter and Amory Lovins (proponents of "soft" energy).

Let's Go Solar
An educational resource provided for free to help homeowners make the best evaluation of whether solar is a good choice for them.