Web sites relating to Environmental Ethics

There are more web sites than can be tabulated in a single source. These sites provide many links to some other very good resources.

This page hasn't been maintained for quite some time, so beware of broken links. Still, there may be something of use here.

International Society for Environmental Ethics
Click on the link entitled "Bibliography" and you will find a searchable bibliography of environmental ethics sources. Many of the sources have descriptive text attached, so this is quite a useful resource! Contains many other useful links to environmental ethics resources as well.

International Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP)
"IAEP embraces a broad understanding of environmental philosophy, including not only environmental ethics, but also environmental aesthetics, ontology, and theology, the philosophy of science, ecofeminism, and the philosophy of technology. " Contains links to resources in philosophy and the environment, as well as other environmental links.

The Subject Bibliographies in Environmental Ethics
"The Subject Bibliographies in Environment Ethics are published by Timothy C. Weiskel for the Center for the Study of Values in Public Life at Harvard Divinity School. They are intended to facilitate research and public discussion of the ethical issues embedded in the environmental concerns of our day. Developed initially as teaching and research aids for seminars on environmental ethics taught at Harvard, they are presented on this web site as general resources for public use. They are arranged in three separate series: the Class Bibliography Series; the Subject Bibliography Series; and the Occasional Bibliography Series."

History of Environmental Ethics
Environmental ethics is a relatively new field in philosophy. This brief survey gives an overview of the history of the field in philosophy. It is useful in providing a context for discussions in environmental ethics, as well as pointing out key issues, individuals, papers, and books in the field. Also contains links to other environmental ethics resources.

Journals in the field of environmental ethics:
Yahoo's Environmental Ethics links